Toyonaka Ebisu Matsuri is a festival of business prosperity, which is particularly famous in Kansai area. Many people pay a visit to a Shinto shrine in order to show their gratitude to kami for having brought good luck to them last year. They receive a bamboo branch with a bundle of good luck charms, such as sea bream after returning last year’s one. Furthermore, during this festival, some of the girls play a role in bringing good luck to visitors. We call such girl a Fukumusume (good fortune girl). As a way of cross-cultural communication, since 1997, female students studying in Japan have been elected as the Fukumusume (good fortune girl) at Hattori Tenjingu.

Grand Annual Ceremony for the Protection of legs. After the main ceremony, there is the special purification ceremony, purifying the visitor's legs using human being's shaped white paper.

Shinto priests pat the visitor's legs to bless them with all their heart.

We serve "Special Straw lucky charm" free of charge to all attendants.